Math 2720

Fall 2014

MTuThF 12:00 - 12:50

3309 Rood Hall

Mobius Strip


Jay Treiman, (269) 387-4571, jay.treiman at



5525 Everett Tower, MTh 10:00-10:50, TuF 11:00-11:50



Vector Calculus by Barr

Maple 18, See e-learning for purchase code.



The prerequisite for this class is Calculus II, Math 1230 or Math 1700 at WMU.

You are responsible for all material in the text and all material presented in class. This includes any material not in the text and all material in the text that was not presented in class.  A list of topics may be available.

It is expected that you will spend at least 2 to 3 hours outside class for every hour in class. Even though roll will not be taken, you are expected to attend all classes.

A list of expectations may be available.

You are expected to follow university regulations and policies.

The last day to withdraw is November 3. 2014. A tentative schedule may be available.


Electronic Devices:

All cell phones, wireless devices, mp3/mp4 type media players, and similar devices are to be turned off and put away while you are in the classroom. Use of one of these devices during a quiz/exam will be considered cheating.


Calculator policy:

A TI-89 graphing calculator is highly recommended. We will use some of the extra features of these calculators, including their symbolic computation abilities. The TI-Nspire CAS does almost everything that the TI-89 does, however, its use will not be supported by the instructor in this class



There will be several Maple assignments during the semester. These will be submitted electronically through elearning.



A list of problems from the text to work is available. Although none of this homework will be collected, you are responsible for all of the problems. If you have any questions about problems, please ask them in class or during office hours.



There will be a quiz every Friday except during exam weeks. They will cover all of the material through the Tuesday before the quiz. No early or make up quizzes will be given.


In Class Work:

There may be assignments given to be worked in class. These may take from 10 to 50 minutes and will be graded. Some of these can be done in groups. The scores will be added to the quiz scores.



Three tests will be given. Approximate dates are September 26, October 24, and November 21, 2014.


Final Exam:

The final exam will be given on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 12:30 - 2:30 PM in the usual class room. It will be comprehensive.


Grading policy:

All quizzes and exams will following the following outline. 50% of the questions are things you must be able to do, 25-30% of the problems are things you should be able to do, and 20-25% of the questions are more difficult. It is not uncommon for averages to be around 60% or lower.

To pass this class with a "C" you must demonstrate that you can do all the required material. Averages for a "C" may go down to 50%. Averages for a "A" may go down to 80%.

The distribution of grades is as follows. The final exam is worth 30%, the tests are each worth 17.5%, and the total from the quizzes, maple, and in class work is worth 17.5%.