Cognitive Concepts Content Standard 11:

All students will explain and apply the essential steps in learning motor skills.

Early Elementary

  • Attend to the explanation/demonstration of motor skills.
  • Identify essential components of selected motor skills.
  • Recognize the importance of correct practice in learning skills.
  • Apply prior knowledge as cues for learning new skills.

Later Elementary

  • Describe the critical components of mature patterns of fundamental motor and selected sport skills
  • Recognize similar movement concepts and elements in a variety of skills.
  • Recognize and use the outcome of practice trials to plan subsequent practice trials.
  • Use corrective feedback from the teacher or peers to improve skill performances.

Middle School

  • Detect and correct errors in personal skill performance.
  • Demonstrate appropriate methods of practicing new skills
  • Use skills in appropriate ways in selected games, sports and dance activities.
  • Create/modify activities that require the use of selected skills.
  • Recognize the importance of goal-setting in skill acquisition.

High School

  • Apply knowledge of the skill acquisition process to teach/learn a novel motor skill.